Manhunt Review

Survival is the only option

Survival is the only option

The sadistic madman Santos (Jorge Valentin) embarks on a journey to play a deadly game of manhunt with Conroy Jenkins (Franklin Correa) a Martial Artist and Survivalist who also instructs FBI trainees in close quarters combat and knife fighting. Conroy is thrown into this maniacal game when his fiancee Stacey (Anissa Smith) was taken by Santos. Now with the help of his trainees Burgos (Will Fonseca) and Lacey (Alanzo Phillips) they will take on a group of assassins and will do whatever it takes to survive The Manhunt.

Ok so lets cut to the chase before we begin, this ain't no big budget hollywood production this is real people making real films, you know starting on that journey and Franklin Correa has done just that.

A story that even has a nice twist in its tail and using international locations add depth to the story telling but what most impressed me was camera work, there was a couple of scenes that stood out and shows where the building blocks are, as Franklin and team use what they have and make the most of it.

Franklin deserves the plaudits for getting this made, getting it cut, and just getting it out there. Bruce Willis, Martin Scorsese or whoever starts somewhere and this is just a good start as any. I would suggest you hunt this down.

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