Chan Ho Ching (Louis Cheung) is a small time crook that treats a prison sentence as a holiday that is until his wife to be tells him that his Mum has collapsed and is in hospital. Jail is not much fun anymore, all Chan can think about is escaping, his kidney is needed to save his mother and the clock is ticking. Mak Kin Tin (Adam Tin-Nam Pak) is an architect that has been given a five-year sentence for excepting bribes for a unsafe building block that went on fire, but he was set up by his partner to take the fall. His partner can`t let his appeal happen, so has hired Scar leader of one of the most powerful gangs in the prison to remind Mak Kin Tin that doing his five years quietly is the best option. Lam Kwok-Lung AKA Big Roller (Patrick Tam) is the leader of the other gang in the prison. He committed manslaughter to protect his daughter resulting in a life sentence, now he doesnt` want to miss his daughter`s wedding. Warden Tang (Tak-Bun Wong) knows that they`re up to something, he just needs to catch them in act. The newly formed friends will bond stronger as brothers while they negotiate through the dramas and violence of everyday prison life. The plan is set in motion – what could possibly go wrong?

Firstly I`d like to say, what a fun movie Breakout Brothers is, It`s one of the slickest prison dramas that I have seen in a long time with so much heart plus a big slice of humour running all the way through it. All the actors are in top form in this one, they really are. Yes they are the bad guys, but you will find yourself routing for them as the film works its way to the explosive finale. All three have their backgrounds and you get to have a real glimpse of the bad them, not just in the crime that they committed but in other ways, but by the end of the film. You know that they have grown. As Louis Cheung`s character says “Family is the most important in life) I couldn`t agree more whether it1s your blood relatives or friends you regard as brothers’ This is what all three men find here, what they think is important, really is not and they find that out as they face the challenges of not only the prison but of their families. Not since Ronnie Barker`s exploits as Fletcher in Porridge have, I laughed so much at a prison film. Usually I`ll say who was the most stand out actor to me, what my favourite scenes were etc., with Breakout Brothers I think all the actors stood out. The three leads are great to watch on screen. They make Breakout Brothers they joy it is from start to finish.

Directed by Ho Pong Mak and Written by Edmond Wong Breakout Brothers is the best fun you`'ll have at the cinema this year. It is very well paced and a great running time 88 minutes, none of this dragged out 2 hours plus movies that don`t have anything to say. This does and it says it so well in every way.

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