Russia-China Movie Collaboration May Take Flying Colors

Russia saw its relation turn sour with the Western countries in the aftermath of the Ukraine 2014 crisis. Since then Russia have been trying to strengthen its relation with China and now some joint ventures in the film industry are going to take shape. The cooperation can go a long way but we have to wait and see how things turn out. For now, you can enjoy the movies on offer or just try out your luck with a free slots casino app on a lazy sunday afternoon!

The Novel VIY Of 1835

We will take a look at the novel Viy of 1835 by Nikolai Gogol which has been adapted in major Russian movies for two times till now- ominous horsemen, superstitious villagers, the walking corpse of a withered witch, holy circles that prevent demonic forces- we have the ingredients for a great horror movie.

The second of the adaptations is due for release next month and can be called Viy 2: Journey to China, The Secret of the Dragon’s Seal or The Mystery of the Iron Mask. Much grand plans are stored for the venture and the filmmakers are looking to create a magnificent league franchise with the greatest partner Russia can have- and that is China.

The Journey of Jonathan Green

We will look at the cartographer Jonathan Green, who is represented by Jason Flemyng in an 18th century world. The story follows the journey of the journey of the protagonist from Ukraine from the first movie to the oriental land of China, far into the East Asia. Oleg Stepchenko, director of the movie, described the gala venture as a demonstration of the history and culture of two great nations.

What does the Deal Mean for Russia?

Russia can look to exploit a lot of benefits with their filmmaking taking a turn for China. The latter has one of the most lucrative and fastest growing film industries in the whole world. By partnering with Chinese stakeholders a foreign film can look for a domestic release eliminating all hassles of formalities and regulations.

Viy 2 is set out to be a blockbuster with an all-star casting including Jackie Chan, Charles Dance of Games of Thrones fame and the living legend of Hollywood, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The movie will feature a Western protagonist in Chinese settings with a propelling story of Slavic folklore.

The Russians are placing great emphasis on the collaboration though the Chinese side seems to lack enthusiasm. There are only a few Russia-China ventures on the list one being inspired from the story of Indiana Jones. Russia has also been stressing their alliance with China as a wall to Western dominance but the Chinese have never put such trust in Russia. As to whether the movie strengthen the relation or not- only time will tell For now, it does seem a good deal.

Russia, which just hosted the 2018 FIFA World Cup successfully, would want to make its presence felt through movies as well.

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