Asian News: The Bottom Line

Here's the latest news and events happening now in the world of Asian Cinema, it is The Bottom Line..........

Wu Xia Starring Donnie Yen and the legend that is Jimmy Wang Yu,  soon to be seen at Cannes.

Hong Kong director Johnnie To and film producer Shi Nansun, wife of director Tsui Hark, are both on the Cannes panel that opens on the 11th May

The Guillotines by Peter Chan has been suspended the project is now on hold, Please let this just be another Bodyguards and Assassins situation and things get sorted as this sounded like it was going to be great.

Tony Jaa is back with “Tom Yum Goong 2″ and is set for release in early 2012 also joining him is “Chocolate” and “Raging Phoenix” star Jija Yanin.  Did I mention it will also be in 3D ! !

13 Assassins review coming soon to Eastern Film Fans, If you’ve not seen the trailer then check it out now.  Sorry gears of War 3 beta has been taking up far too much of my time

Retro Review Alert: On The Run starring Yuen Biao Review coming to Eastern Film Fans, certainly one of my favorite movies but does it still stand the test of time, find out soon.

Any Mortal Kombat fans out there then the web series Mortal Kombat Legacy with our very own Darren Shahlavi is going from strength to strength check out the link here to start watching the action.

Next up on the great Cine-Asia label is Young Bruce lee, also known as Bruce lee, My Brother look out for another review soon.

Don't forget the TMAS Live at the NEC on 7th and 8th May, if you around then look us up, you'll find me I'll be wearing the Eastern Film Fans T-shirt

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