Louis Koo is Sean Wong a robber who is a prime suspect in a murder case, detective Yip Sau-Ching (Philip Keung) is the man who will take him down for a robbery and murder Sean and his crew did months before. In the jewelry heist gone wrong Sean and his crew killed an undercover agent, crippled a sales assistant and a customers mom also dies of a heart attack, and as a result of the getaway a big shoot out with many bystanders being killed and a bag of jewelry going missing.

The murder case is being dealt with by Larry Lam (Louis Cheung) and Charmaine (Cherry Ngan) who find a junkie, throat slit and only witness to this crime seems to be a parrot. Can the bird identify the murderer ? How does Sean and crew fit into the puzzle ?

Questions i'm sure you all want answers to and in this Andrew Fung film that doesn't turn heads, in this by the numbers thriller, but it certainly entertains.

Its a decent thriller with Louis (I can make more films than you) Koo in great form as a bank robber that takes no prisoners but still has a heart, really driving this feature forward with purpose and the film has a few surprises along the way. Louis Cheung does well as the cop who hasn't quite given up on the day job but has debts to deal with as well as a murder case. Maybe Philip Keung just getting the nod over Louis with his performance as an inspector with an unhealthy obsession in bringing Koo in.

Its a film that will play well to audiences there's enough in there to keep you guessing and makes for an enjoyable film and isn't that what films are all about.


Catch it at the FOCUS HONG KONG which starts 9th UK FEBRUARY 2021


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