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Threat Review

Director: Jesse V. Johnson

Stars: Iko Uwais, Tiger Chen, Tony Jaa, Celina Jade, JeeJa Yanin, Michael Jai White, Michael Bisping, Ron Smoorenburg, Dominiquie Vanderberg and Scott Adkins

Tripe Threat comes with more than triple the talent in this Acton Fight Fest that puts some of the Top Action stars on screen pitted against one another and then ramps up the dial to OMG its Tony Jaa v Scott Adkins, but is this a threat worth taking notice of ?

ikouwaXian (Celina Jade) The Daughter of a millionaire has plans to plow her money into bringing organised crime down and she wants to tell the world about it, which might not be such a great idea, anyway the biggest and baddest man on the planet Collins (Scott Adkins) is about to be sprung free by Long Fei (Tiger Chen) Payu (Tony Jaa) and the international mercenaries that are , Michael Jai White, Ron Smoorenburg, JeejaYanin, Dominiquie Vanderberg and Michael Bisping.  Little do Payu and Long Fei know that they are there to free Collins and in the process the Mercenaries kill Jaka’s Game Village Coupon,  wife and leave him for dead , then the Mercenaries turn their guns on Long Fei and Payu and leave them to be killed by the planted explosives.

Jaka survives the attack and tracks down both Payu and Long Fei, who managed to evade the explosion, he finds them at a Muay Thai boxing contest and pays to scottadstep into the ring with Long Fei to exact revenge.  Will Jaka go through with it, will they work together to become a Triple Threat, does a bear sh………well you can guess they do, its all set up for revenge, bone crushing revenge.

Every-time Jess V.Johnson announces a film, the hairs on the back of my neck stick up, its because you know what your gonna get, throw in the cast and you have the best fight fest of 2019 with an absolute Ass kickery of a 20 monute finale, but before we get there lets just say there’s a whole lotta action in-between.

This is a film for the big and small screen, to watch your favourite Martial Arts Action Stars and actors and actresses go toe to toe is just a pleasure, Tiger Chen v Iko Uwais Mauy Thai Tastic, Iko Uwais v JeeJa Yanin its explosive, Michale Jai White and Michael Bispeng chewing up the screen time with some power house moves and Ron Smooreburg giving some kick ass lessons in some cool ass shades. By god it has it all, but just when you thought it couldn’t get any better the icing on the action fest cake is Payu v Collins, Tony Jaa v Scott Adkins, as any fight fan will tell you, having a snarling villain makes movie and Scott Adkins does that as the brutal Collins determined to get his woman by any means necessary.

triplethreatpost1With all the action lets not forget Celina Jade having some nice moments with both Tiger and Tony and bringing a welcome change of pace, yes I saw you too Selina Lo ;-)The rest is only momentarily as the action kicks off once more and the last twenty minutes is an explosive spectacle to behold.

Tiger Chen may have brought this idea top the table but Jesse V.Johnson laid the table, brought the cutlery and feasted down on it, Triple Threat will wet your appetite, fill you up and leave no room for dessert you will leave fully satisfied by the Kick Ass Action fight fest.

In Wide Release for One Night Only Tuesday, March 19
In Select Theaters and VOD Friday, March 22


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