TRIPLE CROSS – Chapter One in post production

It’s a Crime thriller with a twist.

It's a Crime thriller with a twist.

Three strangers, A Hitman - Haider Pasha, A Gangster - Amjad Daniyal and a Sidekick - Abeer Gul get trapped in a Carnivorous environment. Things are not what they seem.
Outcast, Betrayed, all three suspecting each other are fighting for their lives. Trust is the name of the game.

Cast includes: Ansh Beg Mirza, Mohib Beg Mirza, Mirza Rakshanda Khan and Subedar Yusufzai
Written & Directed by mirzamlk
Produced by Take3 Production
Cinematographer: Mohib Beg Mirza
Music: Ansh Beg Mirza
Makeup & vfx: Mirza Rakshanda Khan
Production Designer: Subedar Yusufzai
Post Production Consultant: David Counts

Film is currently under last stages of Post Production. Check out the teaser below.

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