If you ever wondered what a $70 Box Office Chinese blockbuster disaster movie looks like, look no further this weekend with the release of Cloudy Mountain open now in cinemas in 24 cities in the UK today.

A peaceful mountain town turns into a living hell when friction on the Indian Ocean plate triggers a devastating earthquake causing buildings to tumble and sinkholes to open. A retired railway soldier and his son, an explosive demolition engineer, go deep into a solution cave to rescue trapped survivors. But a  second quake is due to follow in a few hours... To save the whole town from being buried by landslide, the only way out is to blast the very tunnel that they have building for 10 years.

Director Jun Lee was stuck in the United Kingdom for 7 months in 2020 because of the global COVID-19 outbreak. He used the time to dive into documentaries and study materials about natural disasters. His assistants then conducted field investigations around in China. Lee decided to shoot the film in various hard-to-reach places including the longest solution cave in Asia, which is over 240km long. A 1:1 tunnel was custom built for the shooting. Lee set a high bar of authenticity, not just of the sets and props, he also asked the two leads  Zhu and Huang to go through an intense training period to ensure their free-climbing techniques look convincing and realistic. Cloudy Mountain is both a rollercoaster ride and an emotional father-son journey that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.Cloudy Mountain is out now  in 35 cinemas covering 24 cities in the UK and Ireland.

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