Thank you for taking time to answer questions for myself (I'm a huge fan) and my website Eastern Film Fans.

Before you become a global action star, you started out as a stunt man, how did that come about ?

I was actually fighting professionally as a Muay Thai fighter. Panna Rittikrai saw me and asked if I would like to do stunts in one of his films. From there I was hooked on being in the movies and I continued to do stunt work.

I have to mention Ong Bak which had such an impact on Martial Arts films and still does today, was there any feelings when you were making it that it would become such a world wide hit?

When I was making Ong Bak I had no idea that it would become popular. I was so excited to be in the lead role in a film and to get to do so many fun action scenes. My world perspective was pretty limited in those days, I didn't speak English at the time and knew rather little about the world outside of Thailand.

Bringing us up to date Triple Threat has such a great cast how did the role come about for you?

For Triple Threat it was originally called Makeshift Squad and my Manager and my Agent were approached by a group in China. I really liked the idea of potentially working with Iko Uwais, most of the rest of the cast was not yet in place. The Chinese production company apparently lost their financing and the film was taken over by Arclight and with a full rewrite of the story became Triple Threat. My Manager stepped in to produce and we went from there.

We have to talk that end fight with Scott Adkins, its such a crowd pleaser did you and Scott get much input into the fights ?

We have alot of input and of course Tim Man is a really creative choreographer. Scott and I practised quite a bit, we were friends before the film so it was great to work together.

So Monster Hunter is next and that's a Big Hollywood film can you tell us anything to wet our appetites?

The Movie is going to be awesome! There is alot of crazy action and the sets and scenery are really fantastic.

And what does the future hold for Tony Jaa, anything you can share with the fans?

Hopefully the future holds more fun action films, lets see how things go.

Finally The Eastern Film Fans question If you were stuck on a desert island and could only take 3 films with you what would you take? (It can be any genre)

They probably wouldn't have electricity so i couldn't watch 😉 I love Enter the Dragon, but there are so many cool films it is impossible to narrow it down to three.

Thank you for taking time to interview me

Trust me when I say it was our pleasure.

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