Snow Black – Review

Sarah Camden (Sarah Buckner), a special operations soldier with PTSD, returns home to bury her mother. She realizes that she has to rid her hometown of gangs, drugs and crooked politicians so Sarah calls in her special ops buddies to clean up the town.

Snow Black is a rough and ready kick ass feature and that's a compliment, independent films have a quality to them a passion that comes across on screen and Snow Black has that in spades and id recommend the soundtrack it's so good i'd watch the film again just to listen to it. There are also some nice added touches as we get to see the legend that is the Black Dragon himself Mr Ron Van Clief onscreen alongside another living legend Gloria Hendry (Live and Let Die, Black Belt Jones).

Sarah Buckner has a nice edge to her character playing Sarah Buckner whose from a broken family that has lived a life and taken a knock but keeps on kicking and Sarah brings that across on screen along with performing the action sequences that pepper the film.

Writer, Actor, Producer Robert Parham squeezes every penny out of his budget and delivers a kick ass action feature. Go support Snow Black and independent films and did I mention its got a belting soundtrack ๐Ÿ˜‰

Snow Black will be released by Maverick Entertainment and the soundtrack will be released by Sony with songs featuring Knoc-turn'al, Too Sweet and 2Pac. For more information please check out the Facebook page here

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