Directed by: Marc Price

Stars: Jean-Paul Ly, Adam McNab, Nicholas Aaron, Rosanna Hoult, Ben Shafik with Nicky Evans and Doug Allen

Nighshooters might be here at the end of 2018 but does it save the best till last?

The cast of a new film Dawn of the Deadly start shooting their new film in a run down and about to be demolished tower block when they witness a brutal murder of someone in the building opposite.  Marshal (Adam McNab) and his crew must get out alive before there either killed by the gang or blown up in the morning.   Their hope sits mainly with Stuntman Donnie (Jean-Paul Ly) who has the fighting skills to survive and with Ellie (Rosanna Hoult)  providing some explosive skills they may get out of this alive.

Jean-Paul Ly silouette in NightshootersIts that simple, but is it?  Let me say this is Eastern Film Fans Film of the year 2018 for a number of reasons.  First up is Jean-Paul Ly, who has to be the breakout star of 2018, with his sensational debut in Jailbreak he brings the Hong Kong action  to the screen with some style and flair and credit to Marc Price for just getting this fight action so tightly choreographed that it allows you to see the action rather than the quick editing we see in some of the big Hollywood movies.  It gives Jean-Paul Ly a vehicle for his Martial Arts talents and boy does he goto town with some of the best on screen fighting seen on screen this year.

Secondly the cast filled with the ever reliable Doug Allen and in my opinion a superb performance with emotional depth from Nicky Evans and with Rosanna Hoult getting in on the act its a cast that shares the plaudits rather than a single stand out performance.Rosie Hoult in Nightshooters

Its a quint essentially British film that will be a world crowd pleaser with its one foot in horror and sometimes quite brutal effects and enough emotional depth to balance a kick ass performance from its Martial Arts Maestro Jean-Paul Ly.  Marc Price has delivered a film that far exceeds expectations on first glance, so don't glance, go pick up NightShooters and support Indie picture making and enjoy Eastern Film Fans film of 2018.

Out now to but from https://tribal.film/nightshooters/

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