The credits roll its exciting because Ross Boyask has Stu Bennett back as Gold with Vinnie Jones who will chew up the screen and Jean Paul-Ly will bring it and who will put the A in Action the one and only Tim Man. Now add the fact that the reason not only Gold will do the mission, to bring in Sean Teague (Vinnie Jones) the man who previously brought down his team but Teague, also has crucial information that could bring down the baddest of the bad. Now Buckle up for action, its gonna get messy.

Vinnie Jones and Stu Bennett

Ross has upped the stakes with some nice one liners that even the late great Sir Roger Moore would have been proud of. It was also nice to see Max Repossi and Lee Charles get some screen time with the latter getting a quick one on one. You'd be mistaken to think that Ross doesn't know how to get the best out of his Actors or their skills when you see Jean-Paul Ly desk bound but thankfully he's unleashed for the finale and hes eventually thrown into action and its worth the wait with a toe to toe fight with Greg Burridge in a pulse pounding fight fest.


With all that testosterone around its nice and refreshing to get some girl on girl action and Vengeance doesn't disappoint with Katrina Durden and Phoebe Robinson-Galvin going toe to to toe and almost stealing the film with their fight scene. I could even see a spin off with Katrina as Jen Quaid bringing justice in her own unique way 😉

The Final Showdown

I am Vengeance Retaliation is just a full on, non stop action extravaganza, it has everything, chicks with kicks and 80 minutes of Non stop action I'm not sure you could pack more in but this time around, Gold has gone platinum.

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