Written and Directed by : Adrian Castro & Maria Tran

Stars: Maria Tran and Juju Chan

Tomboy Killer Charlie Vu (Maria Tran) and Sexy Barbie latex killer Pixie Ho (Juju Chan) team up and put their differences aside to take down a  former high school crush.  Will Hit Girls hit the spot ?

The film opens in the desert with Charlie taking out the bad guys, Hong Kong style with flurry of take-downs and knock-out blows,with a huge nod to Jackie Chan and the kung-fu comedy that just flavours the whole film.

Pixie then joins the fray coming across like an ode to John Woo double pistol style taking out the bad guys.  When the dust settles Charlie and Pixie then go toe to toe and fist to fist in fight before a comedy moment breaks up the ass kicking and they both head out on another assignment that will bring them face to face with their high school crush.

What I loved about this short film is the action they packed into the short running time, tightly edited it gives a real feel for what a full movie might be like and I for one would love to see more of Pixie and Charlie in a feature length full on fight fest.

So Hit girls hits their mark with a Hong Kong style Action Comedy that will take you back to a  time when full on fight fests were on screen to amaze, excite and Knock you out and Hit girls delivers on every level.

Check out the website here and check out Maria Tran's blog here

NOTES: Maria is also keen to know if there are production companies/ investors who are keen to see this a as feature film?      Email maria.tran85@gmail.com

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