Beyond Skyline Review


Beyond Skyline Review

Directed by: Liam O'Donnell

Stars: Frank Grillo, Bojana Novakovic, Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian

on Digital 15th Dec and Blu-ray & DVD
8th Jan

Beyond Skyline sequel to the 2010 hit Skyline see's a new view of the alien invasion, will this go beyond the first film.

FrankGBSLos Angeles Detective Mark Corley (Frank Grillo) thought bailing out his eighteen-year-old son, Trent (JonnyWeston), was the worst part of his day. But on the ride home, the skies above fill with a strange blue light. Within moments, the entire city's population is vacuumed up into a massive alien ship.

In the aftermath, father and son lead a band of survivors to the marina. But when Trent is abducted, Mark relentlesslyikouw storms after his son onto the nightmarish warship.  Landing in Southeast Asia, they encounter a highly skilled resistance force, led by the deadly Sua (Iko Uwais). In a race against time, these warriors from different sides of the world must unite to save their families and take back the planet.

BSKYBLUThis is a film of two halves with the start set in Los Angeles makes the film a by the numbers feature but its the second half of the film and introduction of Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhisan that really takes this to the next level with fist and knife fights a plenty and limbs not always being left attached.

The Southeast Asia setting really gives this film a unique feel and the one on one's with the aliens by Iko and Yayan really do hit the mark and if your a fan of action this Silat fuelled fight frenzy really lifts this feature.

You don't have to see the 1st film to watch this but one things for sure if there's ever an Alien invasion you'd want Frank Grillo on your side.


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