Steven Ma plays Ng Ga Wai a man longing to be reunited with his mother Ah Mui played by the impressive Josephine Koo. Wai has not seen his mother in about ten years. He is upset and confused, as to why she refuses to meet with him. What could possibly be her reasoning for not wanting to see her son, also why is she asking his friends to obstruct him in his pursuit to meet up with her? Wai's doting loving mother Mui, will do anything to protect her boy, she can`t bear to see him cry. Mui knows her son is struggling with depression. For this reason she will do anything to shield him from a memory, long buried. In his mental state the long buried memory will probably be too much for him, it could just tip him right over the edge in his fragile mental health state.

At a running time of just ninety seven minutes, the film is deliberately told at an almost clawing pace, so that you take everything in. It is a step by step visceral glimpse at someone dealing with depression. Writer, producer and director Steven Ma gives a very honest look into the life of Wai. His journey of depression is both heart breaking and compelling viewing, at the same time. You see first-hand the regret of a man that can`t forgive himself. The Cast are excellent – it`s a very small independent film. Not what I was expecting and not really my usual Hong Kong viewing of Gangsters and Martial Arts. But it`s good to mix it up and watch something different. Told through flashbacks, the film is expertly edited. As I`ve said – you are with Wai for his whole journey in every way. The standout performance for me is Josephine Woo as Ah Mui. I will admit by the end of the film her performance brought a tear to my eye. So many touching moments, played between Koo and Steven Ma.

In life we all have to deal with loss, with regret. I don't think that I have ever watched a film like Till We Meet Again where you experience all these emotions on screen. Depression is something that we all go through at some point, whether we choose to admit it or not. I think this is a true, account of what it must like to live with it and to know someone that has chronic depression. Maybe what the most astonishing fact about this film, Is that it is inspired by true events…

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