The Midnight After

Directed by Fruit Chan

Stars: Wong You-Nam, Simon Yam, Janice Man, Lam Suet, Chui Tien-you, Sam Lee and Kara Hui

The Midnight After is brought to you by Fruit Chan and is something of an oddity but will you remember this the day after or will The Midnight After be forgotten before the day finishes.  I told you it was an oddity!

The film starts with a bus going to Tai Po and driven by Lam Suet picking up passengers that include Simon Yam as a wanna be gangster with some kind of Elvis Hair do!, a fortune teller Kara Hui, a junkie Sam Lee, an IT guy Chui Tien-you and several other characters with a few students to bulk out the cast and inevitably get bumped off early on !  On the way to their destination they pass through Lion Rock tunnel once at the other end everything seems quite and still and driving into the main town they find that no one is around it is deathly quiet.


No one can get through on their mobile phones, no one is in their homes or on the streets, its just a mini bus full of people in a city that usually is alive with the hustle and bustle of people and sounds and smells, but an eerie silence now replaces the noise.

The group now have to find out why they are the only people left and where has everyone else gone, things are about to get very strange!

Ok I agree, I've not given you much to work with apart from the fact that a group of people on a mini bus go through a tunnel and then seem to be the only people left on the planet, but that's the premise what then happens is a magical mystery tour into a world of what the F...!

Midnight after

There's a musical number, David Bowie's 'Space oddity', people in gas masks, a murder and retribution, strange ghost like moments and people disintegrating.  Yes its a weird and wonderful world you've tuned into that will amuse and bemuse you in equal measures.

I'm still on the fence weather I really love this or hate it I love the quirky idea and eerie silence to the streets of Hong Kong that really give that Twilight zone feel or that opening scene from 28 Days later when no one is around, but I still can't understand why everything wasn't given a conclusion, I like a film to have an ending and this is left open to interpretation, please answers on a postcard on the whole meaning!

Fruit Can has delivered something much larger in scope and should be applauded for a film that has equal parts, Horror, Thriller, Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi and a Simon Yam Hair do that is defiantly out of this world.

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