Shanghai Film Week comes to Liverpool 14th to 17th Oct 2019

To coincide with the Liverpool-Shanghai 20th Sister Cities Anniversary
Celebration, four new and acclaimed Shanghai produced films are screening in Liverpool from 14th–17th October at Liverpool Hope University and Everyman Cinema, with more special activities planned.

Shanghai in partnership with Liverpool City Council, Liverpool Hope
University and the UK-China Film Collaboration Project funded by the AHRC, is hosting a unique film week in Liverpool between 14 - 17 October.
Specially curated by the Shanghai Art Film Federation, part of the Shanghai
Film Distribution and Exhibition Association, audiences in Liverpool will
experience four critically acclaimed Chinese-language films which represent different aspects of life in contemporary Chinese society.

Jin Hui, Secretary-General, Shanghai Film Distribution and Exhibition
Association said, “I very much look forward to presenting four Shanghai
produced films to the audience in Liverpool this fall. Shanghai is the
birthplace of Chinese cinema, apart from our historical film and cinema
culture, we have also produced many high-quality films (both commercial and art house) in recent years. The development of Shanghai’s film industry is exciting and film enthusiasts from around the world will certainly want to pay attention.”

Deputy Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor Gary Millar, who was instrumental in bringing this event to Liverpool, said: “Liverpool is honoured to host the
first Shanghai Film Week, celebrating the rich history, talent and culture
steeped in Chinese film and cinema. We are a city that has always
championed the arts and creativity. With the much appreciated support of
the Liverpool China Partnership, Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool
Screen School and LJMU, we’re looking forward to a busy week of showcasing the very best in contemporary Chinese film culture."

The four film screenings will take place at two different venues in the
city, Liverpool Hope University and Everyman Cinema.

A formal reception will launch the festival on 14th October and there will
be a series of campus activities organised at Liverpool Hope University on
15th October.

Sky Ladder: The Art of Cai Guo-Qiang (2016)| Dir: Kevin Macdonald
15th October, 11.00
Venue: The Capstone Theatre, Creative Campus, Liverpool Hope University
(free screening) From OSCAR and BAFTA winning filmmaker Kevin Macdonald (Whitney, The Last King of Scotland), this acclaimed documentary traces the rise of contemporary artist Cai Guo-Qiang from his childhood in Mao’s China to global art world superstar, and a lifelong obsession creating his greatest work of art to date.

Campus Talk by Fang Xu, producer of Sky Ladder
15th October, 13.15
Venue: The Capstone Theatre, Creative Campus, Liverpool Hope University Unique opportunity to hear first-hand about the process making the
critically acclaimed documentary, which traces the rise of contemporary
artist Cai Guo-Qiang.

Shakuhachi: One Sound One Life (2019) | Dir. Helen Yu
15th October, 14.30
Venue: The Capstone Theatre, Creative Campus, Liverpool Hope University
(free screening) This beautiful and stunning documentary tells the story of the shakuhachi, a famous Japanese lbamboo-flute. It was originally introduced from China into Japan in the 7th century and underwent a resurgence in the early Edo period. The film showcases the lives of the shakuhachi performers, controllers and students in China, Japan and the United States.

Film Q&A with Dr. Noel Brown, Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications
15th October, 16.00
Venue: The Capstone Theatre, Creative Campus, Liverpool Hope University Pegasus (2019) | Dir. Han Han
15th October, 19.30
Venue: Everyman Cinema, Victoria Street (tickets required)

This action-comedy smash hit stars one of China’s newest comedy greats,
Shen Teng (Goodbye Mr. Loser). Zhang Chi daydreams about his fast-paced former life in the racing world while tending to his fried rice stall,
following a suspension for illegal racing. As he plots his long-awaited
return to the track, he must overcome obstacles, take on a new generation
of younger drivers and prove once and for all that he has what it takes to

Old Beast (2017) | Dir. Ziyang Zhou
16th October, 19.30
Venue: Everyman Cinema, Victoria Street (tickets required)

Winner of “Best Actor” and “Best Director” at the prestigious China Film
Director's Guild Awards, Old Beast is a powerful and gritty family
tragedy. Lao Yang is a broken old man who spends his days gambling and
drinking. When he misappropriates his childrens’ money saved for his wife’s surgery, his children retaliate by holding him in custody, which he reacts to by taking them to court. In this moving, misguided struggle, will this family finally find peace?

Shanghai Film Week in Liverpool runs from 14th - 17th October 2019 Book tickets:

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