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Podcast On Fire 189: The Last Blood & Pantyhose Hero

Welcome to our first post and were going back in time, heres our very first Alan Tam podcast that set the way for Team Tam or not Team Tam run of reviews.

ThelastbloodposterWere building up the the final Alan Tam podcast where the votes will be counted, Is it Team Tam or Not Team Tam, that my listeners is the question.

The Alan Tam crapping hour as it was referred to in some circles (Ken 'Ours') was something the fans didn't ask for but ended up getting, in fact now its something listeners wanted to hear more of, so this was our first.

Hope you enjoy the show I'll be posting more Podcasts in the coming weeks and building up toPantyhosehero poster the very last Team Tam Podcast coming soon, so sit back, relax and listen to us waxing lyrical about the greatness, or not that is Mr Alan Tam.

Show synopsis: Alan Tam double bill, people! Normally an actor I detest and for part of this episode I will continue doing that but no doubt, Tam-ster, Tam-boy, Tammi was part of a thriving Hong Kong cinema and put in various vehicles requiring a lot out of him. Among other things action and for part of this evening, that admiration will be put forth. We first look at Wong Jing’s gun-fu, gunplay, Singapore set The Last Blood from 1991 and in the second half we discuss Sammo Hung’s politically incorrect action-comedy Pantyhose Hero. With Kenny B and Phil G.

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Check out the link here:

Podcast On Fire 189: The Last Blood & Pantyhose Hero

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