Fist of The Dragon

Directed by: Antony Szeto

Stars: Josh Thomson, Juju Chan, Xin Sarith Wuku,  Daniel Whyte, Ellary Porterfield and Maria Tran

Fist of The Dragon has some talent of show but will it leave you punching the air or chasing your dragon.

Fist-of-the-DragonostDamon (Josh Thomson) a former MMA fighter meets his online date Meili (Juju Chan) in a restaurant and with them getting on well they are unaware of shady dealings in the restaurant and plans to move highly valuable nuclear weapon triggers by some arms dealers who have hidden them in four Mooncakes.  As you might suspect our oblivious love birds mistakenly take the Mooncakes and the arms dealers track Damon down.  Damon is more than a match for some of these thugs but when Meili's life is put in danger Damon must not only save his love but also clear his name as the cops start to track down a series of brutal murders that are left in Damon's wake.

Ok lets get down to it, this is not a multi-million pound production so what has been done with a small budget is to be applauded and its nice to get that new old school feel, what i mean is a new film but old school 90's action.

There are some stand out performances here by both Juju Chan who gives a restrained andMtJuju subtle performance that gives her character much more depth and a real meaning for the viewer to want to see her stay out of harms way.  Also Maria Tran who can seriously kick ass and does with a stand out fight scene midway through the film and looks very cool as a hit woman.

Honourable mention to Josh Thomson, in one of his first feature films certainly has a screen presence and would be interesting to see him on screen again and build on this performance.

Fist of The Dragon isn't your big Hollywood production but it is a great solid action film with some extremely well choreographed action set pieces and Maria Tran looking good and kicking ass.

Note: This was the film at MartialCon 2016 that was Winner for Best Fight Choreography: Trung Ly and Maria won breakout female action star for Action on Film and Female performer of the year for MartialCon 1

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