Conan Lee – Photo Gallery

Conan Lee and Donnie Yen

Conan Lee and Donnie Yen

Conan Lee was good enough to send us some pictures from his personnel collection with some of the biggest Hong Kong Stars at the late great Liu Chia Liang funeral. "I was honoured to be on the billboard with Tiger On The Beat 1 and 2. Liu Chia Liang thought the world of me and treated me like a son"


Conan Lee wishes to send his regards to all friends on Facebook and Conan Lee fans around the world.

Can you name everyone?

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Meng Hoi,Wu Ma & Wilson Tong Wai Shing


David Chiang


Norman Chu


Dean Shek & Karl Maka



Fung Hak On & Jason Pai Biao

"MAKE SURE you state that Conan Lee say hi to all his friends and fans on FB for me.
They can leave their comments on your site if you allow"

You heard him leave comments send well wishes and we'll make sure Conan gets all your messages.

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4 Responses to Conan Lee – Photo Gallery

  1. Orion Wüthrich says:

    Thank you for giving us these picture, Mr. Lee. I was deeply saddened by the loss of Master Liu. His (and your) work inspired me to take up traditional Chinese Martial Arts. Chinese Cinema lost a great legend with his passing.

  2. Jim chafin says:

    with great respect . Glad to see you are well.

  3. Ali baba says:

    I Like Connan Lee ,very Cool Star

    Great from Germany !!!!!!!!!!
    Great from Turkish

  4. cheeepai says:

    you all guys my favorite star during my childhood at age of below 10 at 70′s thanks you all effort to bring us lot of kung fu i have learned lot of my own cultural chinese martial art :”)

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