A Better Tomorrow 2012 – REVIEW & COMPETITION

A Better Tomorrow

Directed by: Song Hae-seong

Stars: Jin-mo Ju, Seung-heon Song and Kang-woo Kim

The Korean remake makes its way to us but will it be a Better Tomorrow.

The story centres on Guilt ridden brother Hyuk (Joo jin-mo), his resentful younger brother Chul ( Kim Gang-woo) and Huk's loyal best friend Young-Chun (Song Seung-heon).  Hyuk and Young-chun are doing well in a  gang but everything changes when Hyuk finally finds his long lost brother Chul, who he treats as his enemy after Hyuk left him and his mother while crossing the border.  Hyuk finds himself in a set-up plotted by rival gangster Tae-min.  After hes released from prison, Hyuk must save his brother and join forces once again with Young-Chun to take out Tae-min.

This is a tough review in the fact that A better tomorrow the original version with Leslie Chung, Chow Yun-Fat and Ti Lung, is just such a classic its one of many peoples favourite films.  So in that respect this film isn't a patch on the original, in saying this it does offer people who haven't seen the original film a decent two hours of viewing.

The leads are mostly made up of Tv actors with the expection of actor Joo jin-mo (plays Hyuk) who was in another favourite film of mine Musa: The warrior with Zhang Ziyi.  They all do a commendable job with Han Sun Jo who plays the villian of the film Tae-min being the stand out performance as you just hope he gets what he deserves by the end of the film.  So although this was always going to be a tough sell for director Song Hye-sung who directed the highly recommended Failan it does have some nice touches but was probably left behind at the Box Office with some great films out that year such as I saw the Devil and Yellow Sea.

So Its not quite A Better Tomorrow but it is a decent movie, that has some woo style shoot outs,  its worth your time just don't go thinking that its going to be a patch on the original and you'll enjoy this film and for those who've seen the original it will be with a sense of deja-vu.


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A BETTER TOMORROW - on DVD, Blu-ray and & 3D Blu-ray - OUT 11th June 2012

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