Yakuza Princess Review by Paul Findlay

This film has a very stylish look to it with some well handled action scenes

Yakuza princess is the story of Akemi (MASUMI) a young Japanese woman living in Brazil.

While recovering from the loss of her grandfather a stranger with amnesia and a katana come into her life and connect her with the past she didn’t know she had.

Based on the graphic novel “Samurai Shiro” by Danilo Beyruth and directed by Vincente Amorim this film is set in mainly in the Japanese community in Sao Paulo and for me this is a first in seeing a Yakuza tale told somewhere other than Japan or the USA.

This work is a character driven piece, the heart of the story is Akemi who is trying to piece together the truth about her past while mourning the loss of the grandfather who raised her. This is the first starring role of singer MASUMI and she does a good job of portraying both the vulnerable and strong sides of her character.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers ( From Paris With Love ) takes on the role of an amnesiac who’s only clue to his identity is a samurai sword which leads him to Akemi and starts her journey of discovery.

The standout performance for me in this was Takeshi, a Yakuza, played by Tsuyoshi Ihara (13 Assassins). He brings a depth to the role which could have so easily been one dimensional.

This film has a very stylish look to it with some well handled action scenes, it is worth a watch.

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