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image002 Dragon is unleashed on 26th August 2013 and is set to kick some serious ass.

Eastern Film Fans film of the year reviewed Dragon (Wu Xia)  saying "The action, well the action is peppered throughout the story but when it does occur it is brutal, with Peter Chan giving you shots that show how a punch or kick can damage you internally with shots of blood clots, heart stopping and generally adding to the brutality of each and every blow that is dealt". DY

For your chance to win one of 3 DVD's answer the following question:

Tell us your favourite Donnie Yen film?

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Competition closes 2nd September 21013.

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2 thoughts on “Win Donnie Yen’s Dragon on DVD

  1. It has to be Ip Man 1. None of the other films that Donnie has done portray the spiritual connection that he established with that character. It was more than acting to be a Kung fu master, he acted the Chinese essence in his method- plus the realistic application of Wing Chun made it an absolute Martial Artists dream come true!

  2. There is a very long list of movies that can be hailed as The Best Donnie Yen Movie. BUT! SPL/ Kill Zone is the movie where the gift of being a superb actor, a fighter and having the on screen chemistry to hold a film together is a rare gift. Both Donnie and Sammo are pure class.

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