Warrioress Review



Out to buy 26th May 2014

Directed by Ross Boyask

Stars Cecily Fay, Joelle Simpson, Helen Bailey with Brendan Carr and Zara Phythian

Xena Warrior princess meets Mortal Kombat in a high octane Martial Arts Female fight fest but will this be a warrior of a film or something less.

helen_bailey_falonex_assassinsIn a post-apocalyptic world there is a legend foretold that two swords, The Sister swords, can protect the people from evil  and that champions will unite to bring down the evil that is threatening to sweep the lands.  Boudiccu (Cecily Fay) a female warrior is the chosen champion who must defeat the evil Falonex Emperor and on her journey she must fight her way through hordes of  troops to learn more of the prophecy and fight the final duel at the Dueling Circle. When Boudiccu meets the warrior White Arrow (Joelle Simpson) things aren't all what they seem and the ultimate fight and phrophecy is closer than Boudiccu may think.

Ok its a low budget film lets get that out of the way but Ross Boyask cecily_fay_warrioress_promo3squeezes every penny out of it to make something that may not have the bells and whistles but certainly has the guts and vision.  The real treat here is the Star Cecily Fay who is a pocket rocket of power, she lights up the screen dressed or barely or frankly not, in every scene she appears in and the prices of the DVD its worth paying just to see her despatch people in every manner imaginable and her actually being a Silat expert shows.  O and keep your eyes peeled fro a certain Zara Phythian as a Falonex warrior 😉

Warrioress may not be for those who like their films big budget and big studio style but if you like a Xena Warrior princess style Hong Kong action fight fest mash up then you'll find alot of love for this action driven story.  Now if Ross decides to make the sequel, which the end lend itself to, bring back Celily and see what Bruce Campbell is doing and im sold 😉

3 / 5 stars     

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