The Driver Review by Jamie M MacDonald

This is low budget film making, shot in 13 days in Thailand, and with that information in mind is a very impressive little film.

The Driver played by Mark Dacascos is an enforcer as such for the survivalist compound that himself, his wife (Julie Condra), and his daughter (Noelani Dacascos) have lived at, since a zombie plague has destroyed mankind. Humanity is decimated, and the survivors are either families in the compound, or rogue primal humans, looking to pray on the weak for survival. One night the compound is attacked, during the battle, a massive explosion attracts the undead. The Driver and his family escape, to look for a rumoured sanctuary called The Haven, up north. During the journey the father, The Driver, will teach his young daughter how to survive, and the way of the new world. As the driver says at the start of the film, without hope, what is the point of mankind. The film is the road trip and the bonding of the father and daughter.

I have always been a massive fan of Mark Dacascos, since seeing him in Only the Strong and American Samurai. My introduction to him, from renting anything related to Martial Arts as a kid, from the video shop. In this he is just known as The Driver, gives him a kind of man with no name feel to his character, a man of very little words. He must`ve done this off the back of John Wick 3 – hence the hair style. This is low budget film making, shot in 13 days in Thailand, and with that information in mind is a very impressive little film. It`s well acted, a few performances a little over the top. Dacascos`s daughter Noelani is convincing in her role, she plays it well, next to her father. A lot of the film is just them on the road, this is the heart of the film. The Zombies are secondary to what is going on. This is about how the humans behave and how at the end of the day, as a race, we really can't change, or can we?

Writer Director Wych Kaosayananda and his team, mustve been working around the clock, for the shoot of the film. He has picked his cast and crew very well, and has managed to add something new, to a weary genre. He brought on board as action choreographer Brahim Chab, who gets to square off against The Driver. A tight intense fight scene, that you`d expect from the two involved. Mark Dacascos has proved a long time ago how versatile an action star he is and has become, with an over twenty-year career. Brahim Chab is going from strength to strength. I first remember seeing him in Man of Tai Chi, then Pound of Flesh, to Boyka; Undisputed IV, where his gets to fight Scott Adkins., the best in the business for me. Next Chab will be seen in Stanley Tong`s and Jackie Chan`s Vanguard. Thats a very impressive resume. Also, lookout for one of the best cameos ever on film at the end, for any martial arts cinema fan. I am not really a fan of the Zombie film, but I have to say I really enjoyed this little film. Maybe it was because I read a lot about the making off it online, before viewing it to review. I have a lot of respect for Mark Dacascos and for Brahim Chab. I do hope that they get to make an all-out Kung Fu flick together. The Driver gets a big thumbs up from me.

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