Silvio Simac – Interview

Eastern Film Fans is happy to welcome Silvio Simac

Eastern Film Fans is happy to welcome Silvio Simac

We can see you've certainly kept in shape what kind of training regime do you have to keep up that level of fitness and muscle build?

I train 5 days a week, twice a day combining strength and conditioning, agility, flexibility and speed work into my routines.  Having actively competed internationally for 11 years, I am quite accustomed to rigour, discipline and the intensity of daily routines. I always strive to push myself beyond previous barriers.

How did you get your first break in the movies?

After winning numerous titles and accolades on the competitive circuit, European and eventually World title, I stood out and was offered a role in y first feature "Black Mask 2".

So your first role was in Black Mask 2 with the famous director Tsui hark, how was the experience on not only your first film but with a director that is held in such high regard in the film industry?

It was a big step and a giant leap for me as a newcomer in the entertainment industry. Entertainment industry is the most competitive industry in the world so if you want to survive, remain credible and get hired again, you have to produce the goods, deliver what is required of you and learn fast so I was thrown in the deep end of the pool. It did me good however. Not just working with Tsui Hark but Action Choreographer Yuen Wo Ping (Matrix 1, 2 and 3 and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon). It was a remarkable experience that has given me an incredible experience, knowledge and hunger for more.

You've grown from your first feature film and had many opportunities to work with some of the greats in action cinema, Scott Adkins, Jet Li, Corey Yuen, can you tell us what you've learned from your experiences working in the film industry?

As in my previous answer, you need to learn fast, have the ability to adapt working with different directors and choreographers. Each experience is different and a valuable tool to take you through to the next level. I have been extremely fortunate to have worked with some of the legends of Action genre and further develop my knowledge and experience in Choreography, Directing and Cinematography.

You certainly have a big persona on screen and defiantly a charisma that comes with it, have you thought about venturing into more dramatic roles rather than all out action?

Absolutely. I always seek for new challenges and opportunities to develop myself across different roles, however we all tend to get type cast into certain roles we are remembered for.  For this reason, it is crucial from the beginning that you chose what direction you wish to venture in and at times even when there is no work having to turn down roles that will not advance or prosper your career.

Is there any actors or Actresses you'd really like to work with in the future?

Jackie Chan

If you could bottle up what you have and sell it, what elements of you would you add to the bottle?

In any part of the entertainment industry, you have to give the audience something different or unique. So you have to invent and keep re-inventing yourself. I guess my strength and uniqueness has to do with the very thing I get type cast for.  I am a big guy with decent screen presence and as a former athlete, I more swiftly and with agility which is what seems to get the attention of the audience.  As I have accumulated more experience and knowledge over the years, I have been venturing more into Action Choreography producing and directing as well as working on TV shows and documentaries.   These are some of the elemets of creativity I would like to showcase more and more of in my future roles.

Can you tell us of any up and coming projects your working on and we can look forward to?

Ahhh. An artist will not reveal his creation till it is finished but keep your eyes out. There are BIG things to come in the next 18 months.

Finally the Eastern Film Fans question is If you were on a desert island and could only take 3 films with you what would you take? (it can be any genre)

Ong Bak, The Hangover, The Matrix

Thank you to Neehar Patel and Silvio Simac for taking time out to do the interview

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