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Brandon Lee remembered today 25 years after his passing in a fatal gunshot wound on set of the crow on 31st march 1993.

A flame that was distinguished to soon, Brandon lee had that je ne sais quoi (A certain something) like his father before him Brandon's screen persona shone through from all the few films he was in none projected this more than his final film ''The Crow'.

Heres a list of all his films and trailers for your viewing pleasure, Why not dig out one today and celebrate a life that was taken to soon.

Gone but never forgotten I give you Brandon Lee:

Legacy of Rage - An Herioc Bloodshed title Directed by Ronny Yu which also stars Michael Wong and for all you Bruce Lee fans has a cameo by the one and only Bolo Yeung.

Laser Mission - Brandon Lee stars with Ernest Borgnine in this low budget take on James Bond.

Showdown in Little Tokyo - Brandon Lee kicks it with Dolph Lungdren as they take down a Japanese gang

Rapid Fire - Brandon Lee in one of his finest action flicks with Powers Boothe as a man who witnesses a murder.

The Crow - The definitive Brandon Lee movie that made him an International Star

The final words shouldn't be from me but from Brandon himself

“The key to immortality is first to live a life worth remembering.”

Brandon lee's final interview below:




4 thoughts on “Remembering: Brandon Lee

  1. Brandon was one of the finest actors of all time!
    Considering he was so young, you’d have thought he’d have done it for 40years+.
    Nothing was beyond Brandon’s skill, he had charisma and charm by the bucket loads, and to top it off-had time for everyone and ALL of his fans! Nothing was too much trouble, Brandon was one of those rare people, even at such a young age, would go that extra mile if it meant he would be helping someone.
    It’s such a shame he’s gone, and especially that such a strong couple as he and Eliza were, were to be separated just 13 days prior to their most special day! Brandon never got to be married, be a father, do more and different films, and to meet more of us-his fans

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