Raging Fire – A 5 Star Review

Raging Fire by Benny Chan for us is one of the most poignant and yet uplifting and kick ass throw backs to great action cinema in recent years.

Raging Fire by Benny Chan for us is one of the most poignant and yet uplifting and kick ass throw backs to great action cinema in recent years. Let me tell you why....................

The plot involves a cop Bong played by Donnie Yen, a by the book kinda guy that will get justice but is very much a man of the law. Ngo played by Nicholas Tse leads a gang that were all former cops and now hell bent on revenge for the wrongs that the police force did to him and his men. Things will come full circle as we start to find out why Bong is pivotal in Ngo's hell bent and single bloody mindedness to bring the entire police force and those that put him and his fellow gang members in jail. Ngo will have his revenge and there will be blood.

Donnie Yen as Bong

Firstly this is an action fans film, a true throwback to Donnie Yen days of SPL or Flashback, it really does live up to the hype as a great action film. Lets give credit here Donnie Yen is still kicking ass like he did back then and that was 17 years ago, I know i have no idea SPL was 2005. Donnie is a clearly sipping on the well of eternal youth and energy cos boy does he go for it. The other side to this is that its great having a great hero but you need a great villain and Nicholas Tse smashes it out of the park. I love to hate the villain and Nicholas Tse takes the bad guy role and gives you that love hate and still manages to draw some sense of empathy from his character. It goes without saying that he steals the show from under Donnie Yen's flying feet.

Nicholas Tse as Ngo

Here is the part I didn't want to write and yet wanted to in equal measure, I can feel the sadness well up, yet never met him, but Benny Chan Director of so many great films died of cancer before finishing production, I was fortunate to get an interview with way back in 2012 (catch our Benny Chan interview here). My site was in its infancy, I was as a reviewer and hopefully same as today, I'm just a guy who loves Hong Cinema and keen to speak with, talk about and understand and see more movies. Benny was gracious, full of fun facts and surprised me with his 3 films he'd take on a desert island. I was so grateful that for me a superstar would speak to little ole me.......................<pauses for a moment>...........................it actually goes to show, for him it was probably just another interview, for me it was something that will stay with me for the rest of my days.

Grab yourself a slice of Raging Fire it might even light a fire for you to explore more great Benny Chan films or Hong Kong Action films in general either way I want to so Thank you Benny Chan love always Eastern Film Fans.


5 / 5 stars     

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