Plurality Review by Jamie M MacDonald

Plurality is hyper kinetic mind warp of a film that needs to be seen to be believed!

Four people are meant to be on this bus. All Meng Zi wants to do is get to his daughter; he boards the bus in order to do so. He really is not meant to be on, here. For, on this bus, one of the four passengers is a serial kidnapper and murderer. Plus currently wanted in the kidnapping of the Mayor`s son, and countless other missing children cases. All four have been lured to be on that bus at the same time. After the bus crashes, the bizarre is cranked up for Meng Zi, when he awakes from a coma. He discovers that his mind now shares the consciousness of all four suspects. All these suspects are getting questioned by the police, as well, as himself in connection with the missing children. All Ming still wants to do is get to his daughter, all he says to the police and doctor, while under interrogation. In his desperation frustration when opportunity presents itself, Ming escapes the facility, the police and the doctors. He will now do everything he can to find the killerโ€™s only surviving victim, to prove his innocence and unite with his daughter. But first Ming needs to conquer the demons from within, to find the killer that`s lurking in his mind.. Who is the killer? Can he make it to his daughter in time? Also, who will he be when he does? The race is now on... All the truth is in Meng`s mind..

Tony Yang stars as Meng, with Sandrine Pinna as the doctor, plus Frederick Lee as the cop in charge of the case and overseeing the experiment on Meng. These three leads are top notch and have fun with the story as it twists and turns to the finale. My favourite scenes are those in Meng's mind, as he tries and makes sense of what has happened to him, plus fighting for control of his own body. Technically the film is great, well directed by Aozaru Shiao, who keeps the intrigue all the way to the finale of the film. It`s a bit weighed down at the start,  but once Meng escapes the facility, then the pace is cranked up right to the end. Aozaru Shiao Co Wrote the film with Bing-Yu Lin, I feel  they might have had the same shopping list delivered like Bruce lee`s to come up with this concept. It did remind me of the stories of Philip K Dick plus has a bit in common with Kathryn Bigelow's underrated Strange days, which is for me Sci Fi classic. As I've mentioned my favourite scenes are those inside Meng`s mind, these are very intense, as he deals with all the personalities, trying to take over his body. All the way through the film there is nice cinematography with excellent sound editing and score, which give the film and in particular these scenes a wonderful engaging mind warping tripping and visceral experience. At times there are a few little quibbles, but all in all, this makes for a thoroughly entertaining who done it.

Plurality is hyper kinetic mind warp of a film that needs to be seen to be believed!

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