To celebrate the release of Jackie Chan’s 100th movie 1911 Revolution
we’ve teamed up with CINE ASIA where one lucky winner can win a set of 21 of Jackie’s Cine-Asia films YES 21 Jackie Chan films!

Wu Xia – Review

Donnie yen stars in Peter Chan’s modern take on an old classic infusing Sherlock Holmes and The One Armed Swordsman but will you be riveted to this Martial arts adventure about a wu (Armed) xia (Hero).

Black Belt – Review

No wires, no CGI – just real martial arts! That’s the premise but will this film make you shout ‘Kiai’ or will you be giving it the chop, lets find out.

Asian News – The Bottom Line

Andrew Lau will now take up the reigns for the forth coming Flying Guillotines, yes we all thought it was destined for the chop as Teddy Chen left the project, but it looks as if there’s a new head attached (did you see what I did there!)

Bruce Lee My Brother – Review

Will this Biopic have you leaping from your chair in a banshee kind of Bruce Lee wail or will you be left concentrating on the finger and miss all that heavenly glory, so what’s the story?

13 Assassins – Review

13 Assassins comes with a big name, a certain Takashi Miike, but does he splatter your viewing senses until you see red or is it a case of less is more from this cult director, lets Audition this film! (see what I did there)