Man is Beast – Short Film


Man is Beast - Short film

Cai O’Leary is a London based actor highly experienced martial artist and Mandarin Chinese learner.  He has recently written a short 10 minute Chinese language action film titled 'Man Is Beast' which is based in London and will be filmed here too.  I am currently running an indiegogo funding campaign CHECK OUT THE LINK HERE


Two fighters willing to give their all to impress.

All is not what it seems, as we discover why man truly is beast!

  Man is beast is a Mandarin Chinese language short film which follows the story of two Underground fighters, Sai Hu and Hei Xiong, whilst they prepare for their upcoming fight. Both fighters seem immune to the perils and dangers of the world that they are competing in. In mocumentary style we go into their houses and witness their day to day lives, training regimes and what drives them to do what they do. We flit between light hearted interviews and the fast paced gritty fight itself, which takes place two days later and emphasises the brutality of the ‘sport’. This is life or death!

Man is Beast is an action film with a twist, a true original!

The fight scenes will be out of this world thanks to martial arts master Leo Au-yeung (Ip Man), who has come on board as our fight choreographer!

The short will be entered into film festivals in the UK, China and America.

Help them make this happen by going to the Indegogo webpage 


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