Kill Order Review


Kill Order

Directed by James mark

Stars: Chris Mark, Daniel Park, Denis Akiyama, Melee Hutton, Jessica Clement, Jason Gosbee, Reuben Langdon and Alain Moussi

Available on VOD, Digital HD and DVD on February 6, 2018

Kill Order smashes its way onto our screens but will it kill it or simply be out of order.

killorderposterIn KILL ORDER, chaos erupts when a group of armed men break into a high school classroom. They target David (Chris Mark), a quiet kid who secretly suffers from unexplained memories of a horrifying past. Tapping into a previously unknown strength, David fights off his attackers and goes on the run. With his life and the lives of his loved ones in jeopardy, David must master the use of his new superhuman strength and fighting skills to find the people responsible and get his revenge.

This Indie film certainly packs a punch giving enough bang for your buck in the action department. With its one foot in the animated film territory that mimics that feeling onscreen, as in the sword sequence with the camera moving with the action, the film certainly tries to up the ante in the action stakes.

The running time at just over 70 minutes gives this feature a feeling on non stop action and there is even a chance for Alain Moussi toChrisMarkKO get some brief screen time in a blink and you'll miss him scene as a SWAT Team member sent in to take out David in a classroom.  Its literally the kickboxer getting kicked !

The stand out sequence though has to be the fight in the Forrest where David takes on several assassins in combat one of which is Jennifer Li who exchanges a flurry of kicks that really is worth the price of admission.

Kill order has all the right moves, and sets itself up nicely for a sequel.  If you fancy some kick ass action then check Kill Order out now.

3.5 / 5 stars     

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