Hit Girls – Action Short Film

This Action short film just caught my eye – HIT GIRLS

Hit Girls - Action Short Film

This Action short film just caught my eye and heres Maria Tran to tell us more:

Hi my name is Maria Tran, I’m a guerrilla filmmaker and community andcultural practitioner based in Western Sydney.

HIT GIRLS is a martial arts action film genre and I’m passionate about it because it an internationally popular genre, that has no presence in multicultural Australia.

Despite Australia’s positioning as the hub of “Australian” dramas, storytelling of the culturally diverse remains scarce and any attempts of this internationally renowned is close to none.

Plus, I’m that type of person what has grew up with John Woo, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee flicks and look up to the femme fatales such as Cynthia Rothrock & Moon Lee.

I’m a part of a movement of the next generation of filmmakers who may not graduate from film school, but believe in the fine art of collaboration with people around them, giving people of varying abilities a go in filmmaking and “thinking big” when making projects happen.

Hit Girls will go to the places where women in the action film genre rarely go. Unconventional characters hit head on with stereotypes and all delivered with awesome, fine fight choreography.

so do you want to see this action film come to life NOW YOU CAN HELP MAKE IT HAPPEN please check out the link here to see how you can help.

Check out the website here and check out Maria Tran's blog here

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