Escape From Mogadishu By Jamie M MacDonald

I thoroughly recommend Mogadishu to anyone that looking for an edge of your seat thriller

South Korean Ambassador Han (Kim Yoon- Seok) and North Korean Ambassador Rim (Joon-ho Huh) have been playing cat and mouse, chess with each other for years in war-torn Somalia. Both are making every effort to block each other at every turn. Han must get his country into the UN and to make this happen he will need the help of the current Somalia President and government, this is all Han is focused on. Rim is doing all he can to block negotiations between the South and Somalia government; it is nothing personal it is just the mission that Han and Rim have been entrusted with by their counties. When the Rebels start to fight back against the current regime in their country, against the President, his government and his corrupt police, they invade the capital Mogadishu rampaging through the city, tearing down all foreign embassies that helped the current government oppress them.

Now, North and South, Rim and Han must pull together to get their people and families out of Mogadishuโ€ฆ Communications to the outside world are cut off, there are not too many embassies left standing. Can these two sworn enemies put their differences aside long enough to escape from Mogadishu?

From writer director Seung-wan Ryu, Mogadishu is a very well-crafted action drama and political thriller, harking back to thrillers of the 70s, which for me, was the golden age of such films. I think my love for that age of cinema made me like this film so much. It has everything in it, also from the start to the finish you are on the edge of your seat, or at least I was. There are some horrific scenes with Rim and Han and their people driving through the city and seeing the aftermath of what the rebels have done to families to their fellow human beings. One such scene will probably always stick with me a father holing his son, a father covering his son in a way that he was taking the main beating, it is a very powerful image, and one that will always stick in my mind. My favourite scenes in the film are between Han and Rim, once they know the situation there in and their efforts to put their differences (their counties) aside. So well- preformed is these scenes from actors Kim Yoon-Seok and Joon-Ho Huh. 

I thoroughly recommend Mogadishu to anyone that looking for an edge of your seat thrillerโ€ฆ

Released in cinemas and on digital 25th March.

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