Eastern Film Fans WANT YOU

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Eastern Film Fans WANT YOU

Yes you, sitting there, we love you guys and gals that love our site and Asian cinema so, here why eastern Film fans WANT YOU.

We want you to design our new social media sites logo, it has to fit Twitter and Facebook profile pic and timeline picture.

All you artists out there send us your best designs and the winner will have their artwork displayed on our multi media sites for the whole world to see, every Twitter and facebook follower will get to see your artwork.

Your cheap I hear you cry, NO we're here to give you a chance to show the world your artistry powers put it in your portfolio and gain added love from everyone here at Eastern Film Fans. ย Are you up the task ? can you show us the passion we show you by designing the ultimate Profile pic and FB timeline photo that shows us what Asian cinema means to you ?

If so send your designs to econdor@easternfilmfans.co.uk and we'll share the best designs.

Need some inspiration, well we do love our action here at Eastern Film Fans so check out The Best of ย the Martial Arts Films trailer


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