Eastern Film Fans TOP TEN FILMS 2011

Welcome to Eastern Film Films TOP TEN FILMS of 2011, wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Eastern Film Fans TOP TEN FILMS 2011

10. Space BattleShip Yamato

The film is a live action version of the  Japanese anime series that has been going for  more than 30 years and you’ll find all the  usual stereotypes here from the Hero to the father figure etc. Its one mans journey of self discovery set in space and peppered with galactic battles, think Battlestar Galactica and you won’t be far off the mark. Check out the Review here

9. Let The Bullets Fly

A comedy, action, drama, caper with Wen Jiang on board as writer and the Director and brings another master class of acting to our screen its a pleasure to watch as he sets up his Bandits as ultra cool guys that he leads and gives Chow Yun-fat one of his best roles in many a year. Check out our review

8. Shaolin

Overall this movie has something for everyone that loves action cinema from the sweeping shots of Kung Fu training exercises to the frantic finale that sees the monks take on the invading troops as they fight for the lives and traditions and the people of the Shaolin Temple. Andy Lau steals the show but there's a fine extended cameo from Jackie Chan Check out the review here.

7. Black Belt

No wires, No CGI just real Martial Arts and it lives up to the tag, with the three main actors Akihito Yagi, Tatsuya Naka and Yuji Suzki all being actual Karate black Belts in fact I believe their 6th Dan!  Still you wouldn’t guess it was their first film and they give memorable  performances as well as action. Check out the Review here

6. Confessions

The first thirty minutes roots you to your chair,  from that opening to then a series of wonderfully created inter linked stories about why these teenagers had done such a thing and the reasons if any they are who they are today. This all done with some style by Director Nakasima.  Using a palette of greys with a splatter of colour the film dares you to keep watching as revenge is served up.  Check out the review here

5. I saw the devil

The story is that of revenge but the nature of it is brutal and horrific at times those that don’t have stomach of iron or not accustom to the horror genre of late then please seek your entertainment elsewhere.  Those of you still with me your in for a treat its brutal and bloody but just so darn good as lee Byun-hun trails a path of destruction of his own making while trying to unleash his own punishment on Choi Min-sik. Check out the review here

4. The Lost Bladesman

In this costume drama Donnie Yen plays general Guan Yu a former prisoner of General Cao Cao (Jiang Wen) who asks Guan Yu to kill Yan Liang (Chin Siu-ho) who is the The leader of the warlord Yuan Shao’s troops, in order to bring about peace to the kingdom.  After forfilling General Cao Cao’s wishes and stopping to help build the Han Empire Guan Yu decides he must leave and return to Liu Bei (Alex Fong) and take with him Liu Bei’s future wife Qi Lan (Betty Sun) for which he still holds love for. Check out the review here

3. The Man from Nowhere

This has a strong likeness to Taken and a pinch of man on Fire, its a great action yarn with some strong performances from the cast.  Its the kind of action film that stays with you, as the blood flies in a stylish rainbow of painted reds that splash the viewer.  The man from Nowhere, deserves to be somewhere in your collection. Check out the review here

2. 13 Assassins

This is a wonderful piece of film making and for anyone that loves a great movie or likes to see the screen splattered with red then your in for a treat and as the character Shinzaemon Shimada said I shall accomplish your task with magnificence and Takashi Miike you have done just that.

1. Wu Xia

You’ll be hard pushed to find a better film this year with Peter Chan’s Wu Xia being a masterpiece.  Strong words, but in my opinion justified and probably both Peter Chan’s and Donnie Yen’s best work to date.  So grab a slice of the action and enjoy a movie that will deliver on its promise of a wuxia hero. Check out the review here

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