Conan Lee – A Dragon Returns from his Den

Conan Lee sends well wishes to his fans.

Catching up with Conan Lee he said "I was just in HK paying respect to my director Liu Chia Liang at his funeral.  A true legend will be missed"

So when will we see you back on the big screen "I've been casted to costar in an untitled big film to warm up as my come back"

So Conan will be back on our screens soon and Conan will update Eastern Film Fans as and when things happen, in the meantime he's sent us a few personnel shots.



Conan Lee Today in China

Optimized-Clkickpic2Optimized-CLkickpicConan Lee training and getting ready to start filming in China.

Conan Lee wants to say hi to all his fans and that he saved the best for last. As promised, I'M BACK!

Thanks to Conan Lee, article and photos copyrighted by Mr Lee and Eastern Film Fans

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