BLR – Bruce Lee Review

BLR – Bruce Lee Review Magazine packed full of feature including an article by Eastern Film Fans

BLR - Bruce Lee Review Magazine

Issue 4 of the BLR is packed full of goodness and even more so with an article by yours truly entitled Bruce Lee - A legacy in film.

BLR is back with its fourth publication and I'm proud to have an article dedicated to one of my heroes Bruce Lee which asks the question  If Bruce Lee had lived beyond his years what kind of movies would he be making?  I roped in experts in the field of Asian Cinema Bey Logan and Mike Leeder and you can catch up on the article by grabbing a copy of the magazine, details below.

Also check out Enter the Dragon Producer Fred Weintraub and collaborator David fields about the memoir Bruce Lee, Woodstock and Me

Follow John Little in Pursuit of the Dragon

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Big thanx goto Bey Logan and Mike Leeder 😉

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