Asian News: The Bottom Line

Heres the news just in or blink and you may have missed it, I thought about a  weekly update on things happening in the Asian Cinema community, snippets if  you will, of gossip and rumours and happenings, so sit back and get yourself a taste  of ...................................



.......The Bottom Line

  • If your not aware Cine Asia will be bringing back Hong Kong legnds under the titles 'CINE ASIA presents HKL go here to check it out
  • Podcast on fire will be giving you a little something special soon with a 3hr podcast for anyone who has donated to the japan relief fund more details coming soon here on Eastern Film Fans but you can check out the word here
  • The Man from Nowhere is out 11th April check out the  review here
  • Also Shaolin review coming soon to Eastern Film Fans
  • Jackie Chan and other Hong Kong celebrities will hold a charity concert on April 1st  to raise funds for disaster-stricken Japan. "We as members of the entertainment industry wish to bring hope and support to the people of Japan," said Chan, one of the initiators of the concert, in a statement.
  • Chinese vampire film "Painted Skin" will soon have a sequel in production with most cast members returning to the film. The Beijing News reported Tuesday, March 22 that lead cast members Zhao Wei, Chen Kun and Zhou Xun have signed on to play in the second installment.
  • Finally if you missed the winners of 5th Asian Film Awards were:

Best Film: 'Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives'

Best Director: Lee Chang-dong, 'Poetry'

Best Actor: Ha Jung-woo, 'The Yellow Sea'

Best Actress: Xu Fan, 'Aftershock'

Best Newcomer: Mark Chao, 'Monga'

Best Supporting Actor: Sammo Hung, 'Ip Man 2'

Best Supporting Actress: Yoon Yeo-jeong, 'The Housemaid'

Best Screenplay: Lee Chang-dong, 'Poetry'

Best Cinematographer: Mark Lee, 'Norwegian Wood'

Best Production Designer: Yuji Hayashida, '13 Assassins'

Best Music Score: Indian Ocean, 'Peepli Live'

Best Editing: Nam Na-young, 'I Saw the Devil'

Best Visual Effects: Phil Jones, 'Aftershock'

Best Costume Designer: William Chang, 'Let the Bullets Fly'

Outstanding contribution to Asian cinema: Kim Dong-ho

Lifetime Achievement: Raymond Chow

.......................................and that was Asian News: The Bottom Line

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